Wine storage refrigerator from Gaggenau is spacious and accommodative

The Gaggenau RW 496 wine refrigerator is the perfect refrigerator for all those who frequently like to indulge in a sumptuous treat of wines, meats, cheeses and cigars. It is one of the few refrigerators that I have seen, that accommodates so many items and also maintains the ideal temperature as well as humidity control. It is incorporated with 3 climatically separate zones and flexible shelving arrangement ideal to store red, white and pink wines in addition to the aforementioned items. It is fitted with a matching cigar humidor crafted out of selected rare woods and other high quality materials. There is also a provision for dynamic cold air distribution for an even temperature in each zone, between 4˚C and 21˚C. You can also monitor the interior temperature and humidity levels in the refrigerators through the easy to read digital display located on the door panel.

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The aluminum and beech pull out racks create the perfect ambient conditions, accommodating bottles from .375 liters upto the double magnum, and the refrigerator can be configured to accommodate 118 standard Bordeaux bottles. The wine refrigerator complete with new control module, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass surfaces starts at a price of $15,610.

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