Wooden Mercedes-Benz is handmade with working Gullwing doors

Have you ever wondered how a 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing would look in a wooden getup? The image from your leisure day-dreaming is a reality, thanks to the work of a German craftsman in Duisberg, Germany. The incredible hand-carved actual-sized teak replica is complete with everything that the real sedan hides in the interiors- working doors, wildly detailed dash, and even a set of matching wooden luggage. eBay claims that the front wheels really roll, but since it doesn’t have an engine, one could subject themselves to the manual labor of pushing it around in the neighborhood to attract some attention.

Even the Mercedes-Benz wood replica seats are real, so you could sit inside, get drunk, and think that you’re steering this baby through clean roads! Unfortunately, this model is already sold out on eBay for $8,000. However, you could keep those dreams alive to experience the woody goodness in other vintage full-sized car models that the same establishment owns!
[Ebay via Jalopnik]

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