The worlds most intelligent and sophisticated toilet seat gets a carbon fibre make over

Carbon fiber is quickly gained a reputation as a cutting-edge material that can be used to make everything from cars and suitcases to bicycles and bathtubs, but does carbon fiber really make EVERYTHING better?

We’re about to find out because the design team at Alvarae Design Studio has combined the world’s most high tech toilet with aerospace-grade carbon fiber a customized toilet that blends cutting-edge tech with innovative design. This Toto Neorest is given a sleek look thanks to its concealed mounting hardware while its LED lights help create “ambience”.

There must be a niche market out there for carbon fiber toilets with LED lights but with the massive $12,800 price tag, even the millionaires of the world will think twice. It’s definitely a cool toy to impress your guests, but we have to warn you, over-the-top bathroom fittings are a part of a slippery slope. You’ll be splurging on gold toilets before you know it!

[Available at: Alvarae]

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