Would you get a baby cot with an iPad dock?

For those who believe that there is no such thing a ‘technology overload’, check out this new-age baby bed that comes with an inbuilt iPad dock of its own! Created by Gary Taylor- owner at Birmingham-based furniture company Babeek, the cot is built to aid babies sleep or rest in a sweet slumber, while parents dish out tunes or other content on a digital screen before them.

Christened as ‘Florence’, the bed is described as “a stunning innovative solid wood handcrafted cot with an elegant decorative finish.” Unlike regular cots, the Florence (with a £2000 price tag) is said to display innovation by the inclusion of a dock for a tablet device that opens up a multitude of multimedia channels. Although an ingenious design, the Babeek cot has received severe backlash on the internet with one person remarking, “This has got to be a joke the most ridiculous thing ever. What’s wrong with reading/singing/talking about the day with your child to settle them for bed!”

Dr. Gary Allen, a chartered educational psychologist, also told the Sun: “Given the available literature surrounding screens and sleep and that of early attachment, creating a cot with a built-in iPad is simply outrageous.” Taylor, however, defended his creation by saying, “I’m looking at it from an outside point of view. If you are a hard-working parent, sometimes even in the morning, I know some people put their kids in front of the TV in the morning, is that safe? I was thinking that if they could put it in the cot it could be a lot safer.” What’s your thought on this iPad docked baby cot?


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