X- Wing coffee table serves an ardent Star Wars fan

There is no shortage of classy tables such as this gilded dining table, or stylish tables like this Iceberg table, there are even fashionable tables such as this Stiletto table. What we lack is a table for the nerds, something that appeals to the Star Trek and Star Wars fans amongst us. Well Barry Shields has provided for them, quite spectacularly with this X-Wing coffee table. The table has 3 points of support contact with the glass and is perhaps one of the sturdiest tables built, so that bumps to the glass won’t shatter it. The table took over 6 months to hand carve and costs $60,500, which when broken up amounts to $14 for every hour of work put in. The table closely resembles the actual X Wing and is bolted together, with the glass sandwiched between the top and bottom halves.

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Update –
Barry Shields has updated us that the actual price for this X-Wing coffee table is $5,500.