Zaha Hadid debuts her jaw dropping homeware collection, here are our top 5 picks

At age 63, veteran architect Zaha Hadid has established a reputation as quirky and long lasting as any of the buildings from her remarkable portfolio. She has lent her unique aesthetic to numerous projects and collaboration ranging from glass artistry alongside Lalique to futuristic swimwear with Viviona. She has also dabbled in wine and (our personal favorite) helped design a super yacht! With this design maestro, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. She now surprises us not with a high profile collaboration but with a homeware line of her own. Some might think that homeware might be a tame choice coming from the legend who has done work for luxury hotels across the globe (and did we mention the Super Yacht?) but one look at the collection and we were convinced of its success. Hadid’s aesthetic is stamped all over the items, each more memorable than the last. Here are our top picks:

moon-system-sofa1. Moon System Sofa
Priced at around $15,600, this curvy couch promises to be the last sofa you’ll ever own. It’s cool shape and quirky angles make it the perfect talking point for a living room or game room.

aria-chandelier2. Aria Chandelier
This piece looks like it belongs in a futuristic vampire movie (think less Twilight and more Dracula meets Matrix). Its edgy lines and dark color make it a cool suspended centerpiece for a romantic dining room. The Aria Chandelier is priced at close to $5,012.

field-of-towers-chess-set3. Field of Towers Chess Set
Though it makes a cool gift item, this otherworldly chess is too stunning to give away! Plus if you’re going to spend $7,960, it may as well be on yourself. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a Bond villain, we think this might be the perfect accessory for your lair.

aqua-platter4. Aqua Platter
These hand finished acrylic platters were inspired by the London 2012 Olympics Aquatic Centre, but to us they look more like props from an Alien movie. From the slick fluid form to the creepy color, these platters really have our attention. The set includes four platters of different sizes priced at $16,365.

braid-candle-holder-anthracite5. Braid Candle Holder, Anthracite
The long black candle stand features an angular braiding detail that is rendered beautifully in polished black bone china. Available in three sizes (Medium priced at $342, Large priced at $360 and XL priced at $400) these will add a whole new dimension to your candlelight dinner. Plus the color is listed as Anthracite, which is just really fun to say out loud.

Products are available for purchase at the Zaha Hadid Design e-store.

[Via – The-Guardian]

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