Zero Day Bed lets you laze in the lap of state-of-the-art luxury

Did you ever want an all-season friendly bed that adapts itself to climatic changes such as rain, cold or darkness? Well, then the Zero Day Bed “inspired by tropisms”, a multi-purpose space-saving, “chill-out” bed is just what the doctor prescribed! The bed features a glass or carbon fiber hood that protects you from season changes (in the outdoors, obviously!) or gives you that much need privacy in your own room. The Day Bed comes with a 2.20 meter reclining back that can turn a full 360º for “best orientation”. Crafted using anodized aluminum, stainless steel, glass or carbon fiber, the insides have been done up using fine Italian fabrics.

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You can practically live inside this bed, as it features an integrated sound system, smartphone, tablet, and laptop docks, and a “retroilluminated champagne bucket hidden under the central area of the mattress”.
So you don’t really need to be inside alone! Set to be available in 2013, the Zero Day Bed is expected to be priced between €14,000 (17,900) and €16,000 ($20,500).

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