11 mind blowing hotels that need to be in your bucket list

6) Hanging Gardens Ubud, Indonesia

Nestled deep in the heart of Ubud’s rich rainforest preserve, this enchanting five star boutique hotel is said to be designed in complete harmony with nature. What that could mean is that the 38 private suites and individual villas dotted property comes well cushioned within lush jungle landscapes where monkeys chatter in the coconut palms and the fast-flowing Ayung River.
So while an ancient Hindu temple sits across the adjoining plunging gorge, inside lies the luxury of five star service and heated granite infinity pools. With all that and the spectacular Ayung Spa, true relaxation beckons, the kind that rejuvenates the body and energizes the soul. Add to that innovative cuisine and authentic Balinese hospitality and you’re good to pack your bags and go!

5) Ladera Resort, St. Lucia
Yet another entrant located on a volcano. But this time, it is no ordinary entrant; it is one on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the intensely blue Caribbean Sea a thousand feet below. Ladera lashes you with a tropical breeze and promises of a sensory overload. From bartending classes to fish Fridays to glass bottom boat tours, it beckons you to enjoy and explore.
And while it’s doing that, luxurious amenities await you, four-poster beds and private plunge pools in tow. Its rooms, deliberately without a fourth wall, invite the spectacular sunsets and astonishing views indoors. No wonder then that it is known as a romantic paradise. Ladera Resort also provides lush spa treatments in the comfortable confines of your own suite or villa and wedding packages galore.

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4) Katikies The Hotel-Oia, Greece
Now we’ve spoken of Satorini already but I must admit the island is so beautiful that it makes a return on our list for its ethereal quality. And for Katikies Hotel-Oia that rests on Mother Nature’s monumental natural setting. Voted No. 1 Inn and Small Country hotel in Europe by Travel + Leisure, it comes with the usual suspects a.k.a. exceptional setting and azure waters. But what it also possesses is romantic free form fantasy architecture.
Call it fab-tasy because awe inspiring Caldera views aside, sublime Santorini sunsets and perfectly manicured pink bougainvillea complete the magnificent picture that spills down the cliffs of the magical Caldera. Each of its 27 Santorini rooms and Oia suites provide bespoke luxury Santorini accommodation and personalized Santorini hotel services besides magical private terraces to supplement the surrounding enchanting aura.

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