5 things you should look forward to in your next luxury hotel stay

You’ve planned your trip for months, selecting the perfect destination, the right time to travel, and the ideal wardrobe. You’ve even decided to splurge on a luxury hotel but you’re not sure what to expect during your stay. Here are a few things you should look for that may set your hotel apart from the rest.

A Check-in Experience Catered To You :
You’re exhausted from your long flight and had to wait longer than you expected to get your rental car. When you arrive at your hotel, thirsty and hungry, the front desk staff is aware of your situation and offers you a bottle of cold water. When you enter your room that has been waiting for you, a basket of local fruit and fresh cookies waits beside the bed. As you kick off your shoes, the phone rings and, addressing you by name, a staff member asks if you need anything. This is the kind of personalized service that not only makes you feel welcome but makes you want to come back.

Turn Down Service :
When you return to your room at the end of a long day of sightseeing, it’s a pleasant surprise as you open the door and realize your bed has been prepared for you. Your pillows will have been fluffed, the comforter folded down, and any decorative pillows removed and stacked neatly. The mattress will have the right amount of firmness. The chocolate mints or warm cookies on the bedside will provide a nice touch.

Opulent Bathroom Fit For Royalty :
Entering the bathroom of your luxury hotel room should feel like you’ve gone to a spa. The lavish bathroom may be equipped with a soaking or jet tub big enough for two, a double vanity with plenty of counter space, or a large walk-in rain shower. The amenities will include high-quality toiletries, fluffy towels, oversized robes, and plush slippers. Some extras may include lighted vanity or makeup mirrors, heated floors and towel racks, televisions, and phones.

Fine Dining At Every Turn :
Every luxury hotel should be equipped with at least one fine dining restaurant. Whether it be a Michelin-starred eatery serving exquisite wine and international fare or a more modest bar with happy hour appetizers and craft beers, your luxury hotel will accommodate a wide variety of tastes. The restaurants will also specialize in exceptional and personalized service.

Extraordinary Guest Activities and Amenities :
It’s standard for large hotels to have pools, exercise rooms, and business centers for their guests. A luxury hotel will have high-end versions of these amenities. Look for world-class spas that offer anything from massages and facials to hair cuts and yoga classes. The hotel may even offer to bring the services to your room for an added touch of luxury. Expect to find the latest in fitness equipment at a well-appointed and spotless gym with water bottles, plenty of towels, and showers. Some luxury hotels may provide fitness classes or trainers. If you travel with your pet, some luxury hotels may offer pet-sitting or pet-walking services.

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