A $500,000 Valentine’s Day package includes a private flight to NYC, a diamond necklace and stay at Four Seasons

In terms of Romance, there is no greater day than Valentines Day, it’s a day that put any relationship to the test, a day when you take your loved one on a spectacular date because a sub par one just wont cut it. While gifts of jewelry are always appreciated the way you give these gifts is as important. Most dates involve an expensive restaurant a gift of chocolates and roses and if you’re luck maybe a little champagne. Jetway Private Air offers you a date that is a notch above the standard date. For the cost of a $500,0000 Jetway will let you pick from their fleet of private planes, which include Gulfstream IV’s and Falcon 2000’s and fly you to New York City. Once there, you will be picked up in a chauffeured Rolls Royce and taken to the famous Ty Warner Penthouse suite at the Four Seasons, which generally goes for $40,000 a night. At the suite you will have access to a personal masseuse who can give you unlimited massages and a private chef that will cook you a romantic dinner; thus ensuring that you never have to leave your suite.

Champagne and Caviar are of course a given in any luxury deal, however a 52 karat diamond necklace is definitely going to surprise your loved one. If you should decide to leave this incredible suite for any reason, the hotel’s Rolls Royce will take you anywhere you want in NYC. This package from Jetway Private Air will cost you anywhere between $417,000 and $500,000 depending on the city of departure and plane you choose.

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