A hotel in Belfast is charging $41 for a bottle of melted glacier water

While you may be still wrapping your head around the concept of a pillow menu, Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Ireland has conceptualised an exclusive water menu. If that’s unbelievable, the luxury hotel has selected two water butlers to assist you in making an informed choice; the choice of which water pairs better with your caviar dish. If you currently gasp at the whopping price tag of Evian, one brand may astonish you with a $41 price tag.

Belfast’s Merchant Hotel 2
Entailing water bottles imported from Fiji, Italy, Iceland, Finland, and the Faroe Islands, the luxury menu makes up to almost 13 bottles of luxury. To ensure you pick the correct bottle, the menu illustrates the mineral content of each bottle.
Belfast’s Merchant Hotel 1
‘Whilst experts can differentiate between the mineral content and PH balance of different types of water, discerning consumers are also increasingly demanding a wider choice of waters,’ said the Merchant’s manager Gavin Carroll.

Of course, if you lack the urge to splurge considering the menu ranges from $8 to $41 a bottle, tap water is still an available option.

[ Via : Inhabitat ]

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