A Houston hotel is offering a $1 million stay package and this one get you your own Bentley

Just 16 months old, but The Post Oak Hotel in Uptown Houston has been taking everyone’s breath away with their extravagant packages. The latest is worth a million dollars! For real. The AAA Five-diamond hotel has just introduced their wine package, “Sip and Stay,” which they promise to give you a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” Well, they don’t say. For one million, it would be a cardinal sin not to be as unique as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Guests will be able to enjoy eight nights in total, laden with gourmet meals and the finest collection of wines. The package celebrates the opening of The Cellar, a private dining experience with an impressive wine collection, currently valued at $3.5million, and consists of more than 30,000 bottles sourced from 24 countries. The age range covers three centuries too, the most unique one being Bordeaux bottles from the 1800s including 43 vintages of Chateau Mouton Rothschild, which today costs anywhere from $300 to $30,000 a pop.

The personalized dinner will be the work of art of executive chef Jean Lux Royere and hosted by master sommelier Keith Goldston – the man who leads a team to build the wine collection.

Lastly, but none the least, the hotel, which has a Rolls-Royce showroom on-site, will offer a “His & Hers” Bentley drive with two new editions at bay – a 2020 Continental GT Convertible and a 2020 limited-edition Bentagya.

The Post Oak Hotel does things king-size, a couple of their previous experiences so far being statement enough. This includes a $20,000 Valentine’s Day package which included a helicopter tour of the city and a 14 karat white gold necklace (although, it makes you wonder why would someone who can afford this package want a 14 karat necklace that comes free with an offer). Another one was to honour the Apollo 11 lunar landing, which featured lunch with an astronaut (really?).


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