A-List guests sleep on $99,900 Vividus mattress at Hazelton Hotel, Toronto

Designed by the internationally acclaimed designer, Yabu Pushelberg, the Hazelton Hotel offers 77 luxurious rooms and suites and houses a 25-seat Hollywood-standard, private screening room, perfect for film screenings, sporting events, or presentations. This hotel, which is located in uber posh Yorkville district of Toronto, has over the past years maintained and successfully implemented a database of how guests want to stay and have catered to their needs in the best possible way. One such opinion from the guests that kept echoing was that of a special bed. After consulting with Hastens, the leader in handcrafted luxury beds and bedding, the hotel inducted their Vividus bed, which is the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

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With a price tag of $99,900 in the market the bed took two years to develop and typically takes between 140-160 man-hours to build. Completely hand made, the bed is made by craftsman with unparalleled expertise to create a bed that lifts your body and provides support, while allowing you to sink deep down and relax.
The hotel will be housing some of the A-List guests who will be attending the 37th Toronto International Film Festival, and although the names of the guests will never be revealed, one can only imagine the cossetting the guests will be receiving at this magnificent hotel.
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