A look inside the Fauchon hotel in Paris

For those in love with sugary treats, Fauchon may only ring a bell with decadent macaroons and madeleines. Located on the iconic Place de la Madeleine in Paris, the store has been reminiscent with gourmet delights for decades. And in an ode to expand its hospitality beyond that, the brand is all set to open doors to the Fauchon L’ Hotel – the first of the many that will grace locations around the world.

With graphic black, white and hot pink carpets laid out in the hallway, the Fauchon L’ Hotel greets visitors to a luxurious, black-painted salon for check-in, where guests are treated to a strawberry and lime welcome drink and a selection of pink, chocolate and violet macaroons in a glass bell jar. The building’s façade – a historic 19th Century Haussmann showcases bold designs by Affine designer Richard Martinet on the inside with a range of velvety pink furnishings and feminine amenities housed all over. In total, the hotel houses 54 accommodations, with each room further featuring a Gourmet bar stocked up with complimentary Fauchon fine food products for guests.

The uber-chic building also houses an all -day fine dine restaurant- the Grand Café Fauchon wherein one can enjoy meals ranging from indulgent breakfasts to decadent dinner feasts. Guests are also invited to indulge in bespoke tours like Delicacies Discovery wherein they are introduced to local ingredients by a Fauchon chef, or have private shopping sessions, luxury cruises, and exclusive visits arranged on call. Additionally, the hotel also houses a fitness center and Carita Beauty Spa, as well as a boutique that sells exclusive Fauchon products. In case you’re craving a dose of pink sweetness, the Fauchon L’ Hotel is where you need to be!


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