A millennia old Italian cave converted into a luxury hotel

It’s amazing how people think of the most awesome places to live in. Or check-in to. Italians have a knack for design. And though Rome wasn’t built in a day, look at what they did. Sheer brilliance. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that an Italian sibling couple came up with one of coolest designs this side of the century – millennia-old dwellings turned into a luxurious hotel. La Dimora di Metello in Matera, southern Italy (a UNESCO heritage site), was created by brother-sister architect team Alfredo and Marina, of Manca Studio. They renovated the site to build something so unique that a discerning traveller is going to take notice. I would!

This hotel has four suites, a common area and a spa – plenty of lighting too so you won’t feel claustrophobic. The walls have the curves as seen on volcanic rocks, but otherwise the rustic and earthy touch to the design is spectacular. Definitely something worth adding to a bucket list.

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[ Via : Metro ]