A British resort will lure Chinese tourists with signs in Cantonese and Mandarin

Now the Chinese can call the Welsh countryside their home away from home. In a effort to lure Chinese visitors Britian’s developers are building a £50million luxury holiday village. This particular complex will have 100-bed hotel and 80 holiday homes. Last year more than 110,000 Chinese visited Britian. All those visitors means big business to the tune of approximately £180 million ($277 million). The wealthy Chinese not only visit Britain for sightseeing, they are also very generous in regards to spending money on designer brands.

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One of the development in the works is the the holiday center at Lianfynydd in West Wales which hopes to cater to 20,000 tourists and will go so far as display signs in Cantonese and Mandarin. They will also be staffed with employees specially trained in Chinese customs. Another developer Maxhart Ltd plans to build 25 Swiss-style log cabins with swimming pool and ten shops at the famed Pantglas Hall.

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