A jungle hotel in the land of desert – Dubai

Trust the folks in Dubai to come up with some of the most outlandish yet sophisticated architectural structures……which all of us can just gawk at. The most latest to join the list of them is a seven-star hotel that will cover a jungle too! Actually the hotel designed by Sybarite Architects would feature a two-storey jungle at the top of the 28-storey building. The US$350m (£173m) 28-floor Aperiron building would be 300m from the Dubai coast and accessible only by boat or helicopter. As well as 438 luxury suites, it would contain a spa, an art gallery, and an underwater restaurant with views into a surrounding lagoon. To top it off, the top two floors would house a temperature-controlled butterfly jungle with tropical species.

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Although this exceptionally planned structure is not officially named, the folks out there have nickanmed it as ‘The Rollmop’, ‘The Pringle’ and ‘The Funnel’!