After AirBnb Pay-per- minute rooms are poised to be the next big thing in the hotel industry

Ever heard of the phrase “Time is money”? Well, the creators behind an app called Recharge, definitely have. The app allows you to rent out rooms in luxury hotels by the minute! If you thought being overcharged if you miss your checkout time was bad, you’re going to want to stay far away from this service.

On the other hand, the pay-per-minute service is a godsend for those who love the idea of ducking into a luxury property for a fifteen minute power nap or for those who desperately need to shower or change or even use the wi-fi! If you’ve ever had a friend who refuses to use public bathrooms, imagine how much easier their life would be if they could pay $0.83 per minute to use a plush hotel bathroom.

With rates varying between $0.83 and $2, plus a 14.75% lodging tax, this is not necessarily the cheapest option, but it doesn’t really have to be an everyday thing. Think of it as the kind of desperate measure you’d only use when you really and truly need a break from a bad day.

While hoteliers are already praising the formula, with some even raking in the big bucks thanks to pay-per-minute guests, it’s unclear what kind of people the service is most popular with. While many types of people come to mind, especially those with long work commutes, the one thing they probably have in common is deep pockets.


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