An algorithm analyzed 118 crucial points and picked the 12 best luxury hotel brands in the world

If you’re about to embark on a holiday and are looking for the best luxury options to stay at, here’s a piece of news that could do you some justice. While there’s always the Tripadvisors and several other travel forums to go to, none can guarantee you luxury based on fact. However, here to luxe-proof your stay with science is Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI), a members-only travel reporting group, that recently curated an algorithm-based list of the top 12 luxury hotels for you.

Instead of relying on public survey’s or similar editorial/travel statistics, the list uses an algorithm that analyzes hotels on the basis of 118 significant touch points. With a maximum score of 4,320 possible points, the hotels are scored and ranked into a list of 12 luxury hotels that are unarguably the best, per science! While we have zero details on the algorithm used, Michael Crompton, Founder of LTI stated, “Note that the 118 touch points relate to the overall brand performance, rather than its individual properties. It’s all about the brand’s ability to deliver: its passion, commitment, ethos and values, as well as the quality of its management and staff. Investment and how well it is executed is also a major factor, particularly in new properties and the refurbishment of existing ones.” The novel survey by LTI is to take place annually, with results to be announced in September each year.

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For now, here’s a look at The LTI top 12 luxury hotel brands for 2018:
1. Aman (3587)
2. Oetker Collection (3494)
3. Six Senses (3438)
4. Belmond (3399)
5. Mandarin Oriental (3378)
6. Auberge (3312)
7. Four Seasons (3264)
8. Soho House (3180)
9. One & Only (3152)
10. St. Regis (3058)
11. Rosewood (2981)
12. The Luxury Collection (2897)

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