An algorithm that reads hotel reviews and predicts what wealthy travelers want

The next time you go to a fancy, luxurious hotel, you may find that the service has become top-notch … as if they were old friends who knew all your likes and dislikes. In fact, they do; and it is all thanks to an interesting app that reads algorithms on customer behavior. The app, called Metis, developed by luxury consulting firm Richey International used content derived from reviews on travel websites like TripAdvisor, Expedia,, Yelp and so on. Metis takes this consumer data and turns it into market research to tell businesses what their elite client wants. Ana Brant, director of guest experience and innovation for the Dorchester Collection will vouch for this app, having had a hands-on experience with this app, which has helped her focus on something that was of least priority in her mind – breakfast. Apparently, the app told her that the “ultra-rich care deeply about their breakfast options”, and she was surprised.

This will revolutionalise the way market research works. The app is still in its infancy, and with proper investment and technological interference, hospitality will get a boost like it has never seen before.

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[ Via : Buzzfeed ]