An industrial crane in Copenhagen has been converted into a gorgeous luxury hotel and spa

Of all the weird hotel makeovers’ we’ve come across, this one here certainly tops the charts. For who would have thought of an Industrial crane being transformed into a full-fledged hotel cum spa!? Thanks to a new project in Copenhagen, adventure junkies and connoisseurs can now enjoy a stay in an extravagant coal crane! Yep, you heard that right.

An abandoned Industrial winch on the docks of Nordhavn has recently been refurbished into a luxury hotel that promises to be just the place quirky vacationers look out for! Aptly named as ‘The Krane’, the project provides a surprisingly posh gateway to its guests and includes services such as a concierge, a spa and an exotic water-front location for panoramic views of the city, sea and the harbor. It is built to accommodate two guests in its singular room on the top floor that also houses with a separate living space, a bathroom, and a large terrace.

The hotel also boasts a spa and sauna on its second floor and a reception area and a meeting room called the ‘Glass Box’ on the first floor. Further, guests can also expect to be driven around a complimentary BMW i3 while staying at The Krane! The luxury hotel will officially open doors later this year with tariffs starting at $2,900 per night. Smells like holiday season already, eh?


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