Antigua Luxury resort Jumby Bay to Reopen with the Sense spa

Travel + Leisure’s 2007’s world’s best reader’s Survey rated Jumby Bay as the “World’s Best Caribbean Resort”, after which it closed its doors through mid-2009 in order to launch a $28-million enhancement. The result is ‘Sense’, the Rosewood Spa at Jumby Bay that offers guests a breathtaking view of the Caribbean surroundings and the colonial heritage of the West Indies. The open-air Sense spa is designed by Robert Moreland of MCM Design and its ambience is influenced by the island sugar mill ruin and boasts stone entryways, a terra cotta clay tile roof and tropical gardens. The spa features five sumptuously designed personal spa suites and hand-made hammocks that ensure utter relaxation for the guests.

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In the Sense spa, guests are welcome to experience various treatments as well as massages that rejuvenate and nurture inner balance. The resort’s culinary team does its best to treat the guests with a host of light refreshments, lunch and dinner. Jumby Bay hosts 12 villas that span across one third of the island and feature private pools, tennis courts and an array of other resort amenities. With the above mentioned treats and more, the resort seems to aspire for bigger accolades.

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