Apple iMac floods hotel rooms all over the world.

Joining the other incessant luxuries you are subjected to at hotels around the world is another opulence some might like while some would term it, wasted. For some odd reason, Apple has been installing its desktop computers in hotels around the world and I thought holidaying was meant to cut off from the rest of the world and invigorate. Hotel Chatter provides a list of some hotels offering rooms that include Macs. In the U.K., City Inn plans to put iMacs in all of its rooms, with rates starting at $250 a night. The Fontainebleau resort in Las Vegas is planning to do the same in each of its 3,889 rooms. It’s a blessing in disguise for those who travel a lot for business purposes so you are exempted from carrying your laptop around but if you are planning a family vacation, just soak in the sun don’t let iMac spoil the fun!

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