Are these the most unusual spa experiences London has ever seen?

For the London Design Festival 2017, Mondrian London and Bompas & Parr have collaborated to launch a one-off, late-night spa experience that will supposedly be quite different to traditional spa treatments. They promise to push the boundaries of comfort, fear and disgust through a selection of treatments which are centered around a collection of bespoke spa-inspired design objects that have been specially produced by emerging design talent Lucy Hardcastle, Method Studio, Edible Stories and Lyon & Lyon. The treatments are pretty out there!

Shadow Wrap
This treatment is an immersive wrap that uses elements of sensory deprivation and couples it with a scalp massage and a monologue by Lucy Hardcastle. Guests will also “consume their before and after selves” through an edible object created by Edible Stories.

Vell of Terra
This treatment has guests apply mud masks to themselves and follow it up with time in the steam room and rain showers with a Lyon and Lyon “dirt soap”.

Shamanic Egg Healing
RItuals developed by Mesoamerican shamans are practiced to rid the body of toxins. Guests then break their toxin-filled egg to symbolically crush the negativity out of their lives.

Magma Massage
Lyon and Lyon have created a stone object to be placed over the ears during the massage to add an auditory element to the spa treatment.

Chromatic Nail Bar
This experience gives guests a manicure to match their mood and a cocktail of their choice.

The Spa of Unconscious Desires is a one day only event taking place on Tuesday 19 September from 6.30pm – 9pm at the agua Bathhouse & Spa at Mondrian London.

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