This Australian luxury hotel set up an open bedroom in their lobby and a couple spent 24 hours living in it

How much are you willing to shell out for a luxurious hotel stay complete with spa treatments, cocktails, dinner and a comfortable bed? This couple didn’t pay a cent, but the cost of the prize was definitely their privacy.

The couple were “plucked off the street” to spend 24 hours in the Crown Towers, Perth where they would be given the opportunity to spend their day relaxing in style.

The only catch was that instead of them being given a room, a portion of the hotel lobby was turned into a room for them, meaning they went about their day in full view of the hotel’s staff and other guests!

The couple were even given their spa style massages in the lobby itself.

They sipped champagne and enjoyed a gourmet dinner and were treated to cocktails as part of the experience.

The whole thing of course was a publicity event for the hotel, but we can’t imagine the point of guests in the lobby watching a couple enjoy a one-day stay.

The couple seems unfazed, but the prospect of being part of a zoo-like art installation is enough to fray the nerves of plenty of people.

The “installation” marked the one year anniversary of the hotel.

Would you be willing to sacrifice privacy for luxury?


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