Badrutt’s Palace offers a fairy tale wedding in the Swiss Alps

Which girl doesn’t like a fairy tale wedding? Even the toughest of the tough one will have that really faint, minuscule little hope fluttering somewhere in the guts of her heart that her wedding day is something that was torn out of a fairy tale book. Mine was Princess Arora from Sleeping Beauty. Sigh. While I sulk, you should know that such dreams exist today to and with possibilities that can make anything come true. The 120-year old Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz, Switzerland, is prepared to “celebrate the most beautiful day of a person’s life.”

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“Summer in St. Moritz” means making your vows 1,800 meters above sea level – in a civil ceremony in Madonna Saal or an authentic Alpine chapel located near the hotel. Following the ceremony, the wedding entourage can toast to the new life at the champagne bar in the summer garden overlooking the Swiss Alps. The couple can then cruise in the hotel’s own sailing boat on Lake St. Moritz to return to Grand Dame for the wedding feast.
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If you are a Stark family fan, then you would want a Winterfell wedding, perhaps? Badrutt’s Palace will not be as gruesomely beautiful, but champagne-like, snowy-beautiful. The winter wedding will really be like a fairy tale, with the entry in a horse-drawn carriage. The newly-weds can continue the party in the legendary Embassy Ballroom, one of the oldest parts of the hotel with “its special charm and theatre-like décor,” winding up with a stay at one of its glamorous suites.

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