Bahrain’s first floating hotel will open this fall

If the ongoing FIFA World Cup is any indication, the world’s most popular sport has lived up to its glory and grandeur so much that it has set a high benchmark for the rest of the nations to follow. Qatar, who will be hosting the next FIFA World Cup in 2022 have commenced building the most expensive sports facility ever. In addition, it has lobbied out floating hotels as space saving lodging solution to accommodate thousands of soccer fans who will take to the region. Bahrain too will get its first luxury-floating hotel this fall as a potential test run ahead of the coveted football tournament.

The $5 million C-Hotel to be docked at Coral Bay will be built on the hull of an old houseboat in Manama. The project by Seven Leisure Group’s Akram Miknas will have 14 rooms measuring 20 square-metres plus two suites, all with balconies outfitted with Italian-made furnishings.

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“About six months ago I decided to start this project so I bought a boat, which was a house boat, and converted it and took out the engines because the hotel will be a stationary, docked boat. Working on an existing boat made things a lot easier. We gave the boat to a marine architect to design the new outlay and it took about three months of design work to get it right,” Akram Miknas was quoted as saying.

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Standard rooms will have a dining area, a big screen television, writing desk and integrated smart technologies among other amenities.

[Via – Yahoo]