Belgian hotel ditches cocktails in the minibar with fashion

One of the biggest challenges in going on a holiday is not being able to carry half your wardrobe with you. The limitations in a change of outfit every six hours can often dampen spirits and make us selfies more of scowls than grins. Can you imagine the tragedy if our luggage doesn’t have something appropriate to wear if by chance the Prince of Wales is staying at the same hotel? God forbid.

French fashion label Pimkie are visionaries. They have found the perfect solution to any such woe. Like how hotels provide mini bars to keep our holiday spirits high, here is a new way to keep our fashion spirits raised, with a mini fashion bar. Like its predecessor, it is a small cabin that opens up to a box of fashionable items to choose from a collection that is trendy, seasonal and appropriate to the mood of the locale. The mini closet will also have a menu where you can browse through the entire available collection and place your orders with the concierge.
This service is currently available at Hotel Banks in Antwerp, Belgium and is expected to hit boutique hotels across major European cities very soon. Although right now Pinkie will revel in the claim to legends, sure enough other fashion brands are bound to follow because this is definitely a winning recipe. The mini fashion bar also stores accompaniments including shoes, raincoats, and umbrellas too.

[Via – Psfk]