Top 5 underwater hotels in the world

Much has been made of underwater tourism, suites, resorts, et al. Just a few days ago, we ourselves reported of Manta resort’s underwater room. In his quest for exclusivity or perhaps solitude (we lavishly root for the latter), man has long extended the boundaries of land and entered realms of oceans. And with man, so has luxury. That said, we couldn’t keep our review-wielding talons off inns and hotels that took the alternate route. Thus was created the top five underwater resort properties list.

5) Utter Inn, Sweden
Here is a place with a room ten feet beneath the surface of a Swedish lake. Now that’s one room with a view, just utter in’! That’s right! Utter Inn is an utterly unusual hotel, in the very best way. Located in the middle of a Swedish lake east of Stockholm, the ‘floatel’ plays reverse aquarium with the fish like looking in at the guests. And by “guests,” I mean two people.
Utter Inn has only one available room, which houses two single beds, and a singular experience for them. Created by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, the property is located miles from the shore and accessible by an inflatable boat. “I don’t think there is an experience quite like sleeping underwater, and many people have come to find out if they like it,” said Genberg. They would be it from the underwater room, above-surface kitchen, or sundeck.

4) Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida
Likened to a “secret underwater clubhouse,” Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, requires guests to scuba dive 21 feet beneath the surface of the sea for entry. It was started out as the La Chalupa underwater research laboratory in the 1970s but now supports divers who wish to book overnight stays. Each room has a large, round window that looks out into the sea.
The mangrove lagoon in which Jules is located in a natural nursery area for many reef fish. The underwater space is a great setting for couples seeking intimate and unique ceremonies, complete with a “mer-chef” who also scuba dive to it. The lodge also offers full scuba diving certification packages in just three days so couples can go off and explore the ocean’s stunning marine milieu.

3) Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai
When there is talk of Atlantis, how could a mention of Poseidon be far behind? So the name appears on our list, albeit as a signature suite and accompanied by Neptune. The two together comprise the ultra-luxe hotel’s underwater space. Coined “the perfect hide-away,” the elegant aquatic-themed accommodation has views from the bedroom and bathroom that will blow you away.
With floor-to-ceiling windows into Ambassador Lagoon, the views come captivated by the dramatic ancient ruins of the mythical lost city and its 65,000 marine inhabitants. This ultimate romantic getaway comes accompanied by a dedicated butler on hand 24/7, complimentary dolphin encounters, use of the steam, ShuiQi Spa sauna and jet pool facilities, a private cabana at pool, beach, and Aquaventure.

2) Huvafen Fushi, Maldives
Huvafen Fushi in Maldives Offer First Underwater Spa
Huvafen Fushi promises “Underwater spa rooms. Underground wine.” In short, a waking dream. If you’re one to want pristine waters below your ocean bungalow’s glass floor or immerse in surreal beauty in a private courtyard onshore, the resort offers the best of each. But what they also offer are bespoke cruises and reef journeys.
The contemporary retreat located on its own lagoon on a tiny island in North Male Atoll has the world’s first underwater massage treatment rooms. Besides those, there are “rooms” at sea (read: 68-foot sleek designer yachts) or a traditional modern-indulgences-fitted Maldivian dhoni.

1) The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji
“There’s something undeniably sensual about the sea: the salty fragrance of the ocean’s breeze, the rhythmic beat of the surf, the gentle curve of a rising wave….” Call it the mythological god of the sea or of present-day underwater properties! Poseidon is the adventure-laden Fiji abode with fine dining establishments on land and in the sea, a dive shop, and a retail boutique.
Comprising approximately 225 acres and about a mile’s length, the resort is surrounded by a 5,000-acre lagoon and boasts pristine waters replete with abundant sea life that range to 90 feet (27.4 meters) deep. “Just outside the lagoon, the reef plunges into an abyss, providing virgin territory to explore with our deep submersibles.”
The place offers ‘above ground’ and ‘over the water’ lodging options but at $30,000 a week, a couple can experience one of Poseidon’s 24 ‘below the ocean’s surface’ suites through an elevator that transports them 40 feet undersea.

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