Beverley Wilshire Hotel opens with a $25,000 Penthouse and a $20,000 Presidential Suite for a night’s stay

The Four Seasons Hotel’s venture in Los Angeles, the Beverley Wilshire Hotel, has just undergone a $40 million renovation and welcomes luxury lovers to taste its luxurious amenities and services. And if you are looking to indulge yourself by visiting this renovated hotel, we suggest you head straight to either the Penthouse or the Presidential Suite, which look resplendent after the renovation. L.A.-based architectural firm Barry Design Associates can take credit for giving these suites a luxurious facelift. The hotel with a history of playing host to some great names in Hollywood offers sure to make you feel like a movie star with its many amenities and services.

The Penthouse is for the select few who won’t have a heart attack on hearing its $25,000 per night charges. Said to be the largest hotel suite in LA, given its high per night rates, it is also the most expensive in the world. The 5,000 square foot Penthouse boasts three bedrooms and is located on the hotel’s private top floor. Complete with high ceilings and large windows offering panoramic views of the entire city, it exudes luxury courtesy of its many opulent fittings like marble mosaic flooring Swarovski crystal chandeliers. The dining room is large enough to seat 12 people and is adjacent to the art kitchen state. The master bedroom is a plush space with an antique mirror, silver leaf detailed bed frame, along a huge walk-in closet finished in stained oak. The master bath is luxury personified with exquisite tiles, a marble soaking tub, dual steam, and a rain shower. A media room allows you to entertain your guests with the latest movies.
The Presidential suite is smaller in size than the Penthouse but makes up for space with its many luxurious offerings. Occupying 4000 square feet of the hotel’s eighth floor, the Presidential suite boasts of two bedrooms. Offering scenic views of the Hollywood hills, the suite beckons the Hollywood fan with its history of being graced by numerous stars. Besides the two bedrooms, the suite features a lavish living room and a library, and a master bathroom that you will never want to leave. A night’s stay at the Presidential suite will set you back by $20,000.
However, for the large sums demanded by these exquisite suites, you will enjoy several amenities, including the use of a Porsche Panamera, a personal concierge, complimentary airport transfer to and from the hotel, a fully stocked refrigerator, as well as some exquisite treatments at the spa. So the next time you crave some Hollywood style pampering, head straight to Beverley Wilshire.

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