Blue waters, clear skies and white sands – We are lusting over the extraordinary beach bubble experience at this luxury resort in the Maldives

We are currently spending our lives in safe bubbles called homes. But if a genie was to grant me three wishes I would use them all to swap with another bubble called Beach Bubble Tent in Seaside Finolhu resort, Maldives. Restrictions around the world are being eased and many people are turning their thoughts towards places they can get away to. For me, the cosmic experience of the Finolhu Bubble comes on top of my list followed by Amanjena, Marrakech. The luxurious Seaside Finolhu resort is a UNESCO protected site and supports one of the largest groups of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. It was built in 2016 and has 125 private villas located on the beach or on stilts above the lagoon, and some of them have private pools to lounge in. all said and done, they won’t provide you with an experience as unforgettable as the bubble tent. Picture this- You and your loved one away from the world and its populace, alone on the sandbank, enjoying a romantic night or nights together. The bubble tent is equipped with its own shower and WC, wooden floor, and a double bed starring the finest bed linen. I doubt any other place on Earth can give you the feeling like you’re the only one in the world surrounded by the cosmos and the blackness of the sky, and a blanket of stars. The good thing is you’re not actually alone so you will have someone arrange private beach barbecue sessions and provide some delectable breakfast on the beach. A bubble butler will be on-hand for any additional needs.

The lavish bubble tent has been designed by leading Spanish design firm eye in the sky. Made of strong high-tech polyester fabric, the Bubble is UV-protected and fully climate controlled. It is around 100 meters away from Crab Shack, where guests can enjoy the best of seafood. This experience costs only $700 per couple and a confirmed minimum stay of 3 nights in a regular villa is required to book the Beach Bubble experience.

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