Built on a remote Swedish island could this be the most remote luxury hotel in the world?

If you’ve had enough of the world and can’t wait to take off to a remote place – here’s an offer for you! You can now fly and ferry your way to a luxe property on an island off the coast of Sweden. So remote is the location that connoisseurs can only access it via a chopper and an accompanying boat ride.

Called ‘Pater Noster – A Home on the Horizon’, the luxe home sits on the island of Hamneskar – 22 miles from Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. It derives a part of its name from the 19th-century lighthouse on the site which was constructed in 1868. Complete with nine rooms that can accommodate 18 guests, the property also boasts an outdoor sleeping area, a restaurant, a bar, and an outdoor café – each designed by Swedish agency Stylt.

Accommodation at the Pater Noster offers ‘incredible views’ and DUX beds along with heated seawater hot tubs, island tours, and wine tasting in the old food cellar. Guests can also enjoy a massage, meditation, and watch the sunset inside the lighthouse building itself or partake in activities such as deep-sea fishing, cooking, sailing, kayaking, and scuba diving.

Commenting on it, Stylt founder, Erik Nissen Johansen in a statement said, “During my 30 years within the hospitality business, I have rarely come across such a unique destination,” He further added, “It’s all there – the remote location, the fantastic nature, the extreme weather conditions, the thrilling history – and great hospitality with a dash of roughness and low-key luxury.”
Guests can rent a room at the Pater Noster for $372 (per person per night) or book the entire island onward $20,576 (approx.) If you aren’t done quarantining, you know where to head!

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[Via: Lonely Planet]

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