Bulgarian spas offer the best treatments

Spas are not just about relaxation, many spa treatments even help you recover from various ailments. And if you are looking for one such spa, then Bulgaria is the place for you. One of the richest countries in Europe, Bulgaria is hoping to attract tourists by revive its traditions in balneotherapy. So if you wish to rejuvenate with some relaxing spa treatments, here is a list of some of the best and most popular spas in Bulgaria:
1. Velingrad: This spa resort is located away from the cities hustle bustle life and tucked away in the western Rhodope Mountains. Crowned the Spa capital of the Balkan’s, Velingrad boasts of 80 mineral springs, with the hottest one pouring water at some 93 degrees Celsius. The springs vary in their chemical content making their mineral water beneficial for treatment of different medical conditions ranging from kidney stones to gout. The resort which is a favorite with tourists is also a renowned resort for prophylactics of respiratory ailments

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2. Sandanski: Located close to the Bulgarian-Greek border, and situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountain in the southwestern part of the Balkan country, Sandanski is abundant in mineral springs and known for its mild climate. There are more than 80 low-mineralized springs in the region whose temperature varies between 42 and 81 degrees Celsius. What is more the mild climate allows visitors to enjoy outdoor bathing throughout the year. Besides the cool climes, Sandanski is considered to be one of the best places for treatment of pulmonary diseases, especially bronchial asthma.
3. Hisar: Located in central Bulgaria, Hisar boasts of 22 natural springs. Hisar is trying to recover as a leading balneotherapy resort. Furthermore, Hisar is also known for treatment of ailments like different kidney, gastric and urinary infections.
4. Pomorie: One of the leading spa resorts in Bulgaria, Pomorie is known for the healing power of its medical mud and mineral springs. Only 20 km off the Black Sea city of Burgas, Pomorie has been combining successfully balneotherapy and seaside tourism. Pomorie is known for treatment of sterility, rheumatic and skin conditions.
So the next time you think of spending your weekend at a luxurious spa resort, make sure you head to Bulgaria for some of the best ever treatments.

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