Burj-Al-Arab welcomes four new Rolls Royce Phantoms into its premises

The center-piece of Dubai’s architectural excellence, Burj-Al-Arab, has just received 4 new Rolls Royce Phantom limousines, plunging its total RR Phantoms armada to 10. The chauffeur driven models were built by Bespoke Program by Rolls Royce and the inspiration for the new models was derived from the character and culture of Burj-Al-Arab itself. The car’s interiors are brag of Grecian Key Marquetry, applied to the wood veneer and the leather headrests were embroidered with the distinctive Burj Al Arab logo.

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The cars are all white as the exterior of the hotel, representing the tranquility and the magnificence of the prestigious hotel. Burj Al Arab was also featured in the Wealth Bulletin’s list of world’ top 10 hotels last year for its Royal Suite, worth $18,000 per night.