Check out this new luxury hotel that is all set to open in the middle of an Alaskan Glacier

Wouldn’t it be a joyous to wake up off a bumpety bed in a snow-clad wonderland? For those who choruses a yes, there is good news for you! Here to combine the rare bliss of nature with the comforts of luxury is The Sheldon Chalet, a deluxe resort that is all set to open doors in the middle of Alaska’s spectacular Denali National Park.

Perched on a nunatak” (an exposed hill surrounded by a glacier) across on the border of the National Park, The Sheldon Chalet is your answer to all things grand and beautiful! The luxury resort is built on a 6,000 feet elevation and is a rare extravagant experience that one can catch in Alaska. The hotel encompasses 5 rooms (that can house 10 guests in total), with each including showers with spa products and breathtaking views of the snow-capped Alaska range.

During favorable weather, guests can also sit on the observation deck and enjoy the divine sight of aurora borealis along with a glass of champagne. Those raring to go adventurous, can further try skiing, trekking or snowshoeing on the Ruth Glacier, with the help of the hotel staff. For a steep price of $2500 per night though, be prepared to ‘luxuriously disconnect’ from mankind, as the hotel boasts of zero mobile and internet connectivity!


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