Check out the 10 most stylish and sexy bedrooms from hotels around the world

There is some charm, some excitement , some romance about being away on a holiday and this is all enhanced when you step foot into a bedroom that just takes your breath away. Something that just makes your heartbeat quicken and sets your pulse racing. The room need not be opulent and grand but it needs to have that oomph factor and something about it that makes you decide that you do not want to step out of it at all .
The Smith Hotel Awards 2014 have listed the 10 sexiest bedrooms of 2014 and the judges sure did have a tough time on this one. Based on the criteria of just the perfect bed, the décor and the attention to the minor and finer details, privacy, something unexpected as that never fails to get a smile on ones face and of course the X factor.

10. Canal House – Amsterdam – Netherlands
With the perfect location in Amsterdam and its glamorous décor the rooms at Canal House beckon you. The top floor suite has a free standing bath, a shower for two, two seating areas and a stunning view of the canal. With luxurious interiors and sexy glazed shower stalls there is something about this room that makes you catch your breath.
Double rooms – begin from $231 excluding taxes

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9. Muse St Tropez – St Tropez – France
Away from the glitz and glamour of St Tropez, this serene yet stylish getaway is just perfect for those couples who cannot see beyond each other. Each room has its own USP and will give you an unique experience that you will cherish for a life time. Heard of mini bars in a room but a wine cellar is a first for us, a room with a foliage filled view, or if you fancy a room with a manor like feel, or a grand living room and bedroom that lead out to a private terrace, plunge pool and garden and has its own massage area. With all these varied options of lavishly done up rooms it’s a tough call to choose between them.
Double rooms – begin from $675 excluding taxes

8. Il Salviatino – Florence – Italy
With a 10 minute drive away from the heart of the art world of Florence, set amidst the beautiful hillside is the Il Salviatino hotel. Paying homage to the art and culture of the region, the rooms have antique bath tubs, beautifully carved boudoirs, polished oak floors, silver candelabra and exquisite artworks. The rooms are grand and opulent with restored fresco ceilings and fireplaces that exude a warm glow and add to the charm of the room
Double rooms – begin from $315 excluding taxes

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7. Ca Maria Adele – Venice – Italy
There is something about the colour red that is incredibly sexy, be it a red dress or red nail polish or red lipstick, so when you have a room whose interiors are done up in red …
Murano chandeliers with their crystals shining like sparkling diamonds, heavy damask fabrics, wooden floors and an atmosphere that spells bohemian yet modern.
With a room like this and a place like Venice which conjures up words like love, romance, serenading what more can you ask for.
Double rooms – begin from $ 340 excluding taxes

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