Check out the Gladden Private Island Resort that lets you have an entire island to yourself

If you are looking for some intimacy, isolation and enjoyment for you and your better half, here’s how you can have it all in style! Gladden Private Island, a resort situated at a stone’s throw from Belize is now inviting couples for an exclusive getaway that is nothing like what you have experienced before! Apart from presenting you with your own little villa, the experience invites you to stay on its island in complete isolation!

To begin with, Couples are transported to the disconnected dot (read Gladden Private Island) via a helicopter from Belize. They are then invited into a casual yet elegantly styled accommodation that has offers the full service of a luxury resort to a couple or two. In an ode to provide complete intimacy to its guests, the resort staff stays put on a nearby island where they stand ready to answer guests’ calls at a moment’s notice, without ever intruding on their privacy. A personal chef and concierge can also be summoned within two minutes via a boat ride, with a ‘Privacy signal’ buzzing off each time the staff is about to visit the signal guests.

The beautiful island property is owned by Chris Krolow, the host of HGTV’s Island Hunters, who refers to it as ‘insanely beautiful’. The resort comes surrounded by pristine blue waters and presents luxurious seclusion, for anyone seeking it. Guests can book the whole island for themselves for just USD $2,950 per night, with a minimum four-night stay. I just heard the holidays calling!


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