Cirque du Soleil’s Guy Laliberté has transformed his private island into an exclusive resort

If I had to buy a private island, I would instantly envision myself somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, perhaps the French Polynesia region; and that’s exactly what Guy Laliberté, cofounder of Cirque du Soleil, did.

A few years ago, people across the world may have been oblivious to Cirque du Soleil, but now that the entertainment company has moved across continents and countries, it’s almost a household name for most of us. Considering Guy is the founder, you can imagine he has billions stashed away almost everywhere and hence he decided to purchase a piece of paradise. After scouring the Earth’s oceans for a decade, Guy finally hand-picked the island of Nukutepipi, an untouched piece of heaven scattered somewhere in the French Polynesia. Graced with plentiful flora and fauna, and dressed with forests and white-washed beaches, the island is surrounded by a thriving coral reef.

While many private-island owners prefer to keep their islands secluded, and privy to most eyes; Guy did us a favour by converting his luxury escape into one of the world’s most exclusive resorts. Take a deep breath – this island can accommodate a group of 52 guests, but will set you back about $1.1 million per week. Yes – you read it right!

While the seven-digit figure has us astonished, a stay at the island comes with an army of 100 staff members at your beck and call, 16 beachfront bungalows and villas and a secluded Master Villa for Laliberté himself. Of course, each of the 16 bungalows and villas are brimming with state-of-the-art amenities and extraordinary artworks, but my favourite is definitely the Master Villa – a 6,000 square feet pad featuring a private pool.

Water-lovers can choose from a roster of activities that include kite-surfing, outrigger canoeing, stand-up paddle-boarding, sailing, deep-sea fishing, and whale-watching; and those who prefer lazing on-shore can opt for biking, birding, archery, tennis, stargazing at the island’s observatory, pilates and yoga, and spa treatments.

The island’s speciality is definitely their culinary experiences. From motu picnics to food-truck feasts in the forest to fine dining on the beach, be thoroughly pampered by the chefs on site.

Lovingly nicknamed Nuku by the staff on site, this piece of paradise may just be perfect for your next family vacation.


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