Couples who make a baby in this hotel today will win $99,300

China is not going to like this, but this is not about China so China needn’t bother. Israel is promoting population this leap year. The term means pregnant year in Hebrew, and so a hotel in Jerusalem decided to offer a package like none other. Hotel Yehuda in the city is offering couples who conceive a child in one of their rooms today with a special hotel package worth up to $99,300. If you think this news sounds like a joke, then be rest assured that it isn’t because the company has claimed that 50% of the rooms are booked since announcing the campaign.

February 29 is the latest fad of lucrative days of the year. Travel sites are giving special offers to commemorate the leap year. Expedia is giving a 20% discount on hotel deals when booked through its mobile app, Travelocity was offering 30% on hotel reservations and CheapOair was giving 30% off on air tickets – both made before February 29. Such a bizarre world.

[ Via : Hindustantimes ]

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