Discover Ethnic richness at the largest spa in India

The opulence of a culture built on a powerful ethnic backbone is sure to stir the senses. ITC Mughal has themed its spa, Kaya Kalp, based on the rich values and styling that India’s early rulers enswathed themselves in. By far, the largest spa in India, this 90,000 square feet establishment is sure to grip each visitor with the ethnic magnificence that it is built to cultivate. If one would aspire to create a modern parallel to such a marvel, it would probably be a steely one with the enriching experiences of swirling exotic birds encaged. But to good measure, Kaya Kalp does raise the benchmark several rungs higher.

From traditional chandeliers to flowing curtains to artistically crafted furniture, each corner of this spa resonates with luxury and unblemished opulence. The spa extends its offerings to therapeutic measures based on ancient customs. One can experience the privileges of Ayurveda, meditation, massages, fruit and plant-based treatments, relaxation treatments, and even Thai massages. Each experience is highlighted with the rich surroundings that have been created so perfectly well. They ensure the calming of your complete senses and draw you out to another world, as if in isolation from the real one. Take this step away from reality, chaos and clutter, and indulge in a truly breathtaking experience that takes you back to the noble Mughals’ royal lifestyle.

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