Discover the Rustic Charm of the Courtyard Café at the Windsor Arms Hotel, Toronto

With the elegance of the eras gone by, the Windsor Arms Hotel is one of the most loved boutique hotels in Toronto. It’s always been the host to fashion shoots and exclusive parties. The guest rooms are inspired by a 1920’s French style, with custom mahogany furnishings and cozy fireplaces. The spotlight shines on The Courtyard Café, which offers culinary delights to its patrons. The brand-new menu includes some real tasty treats that will leave you totally satiated. Dungeness crab and chorizo sausage rice cakes, sweet potato gnocchi with roasted oyster, and Portobello mushrooms in asiago-saffron cream sauce, wok-friend mussels, or wild salmon and scallop sashimi “salad.”, will leave you with the sins of gluttony. If this was not enough (and your guilt not catching up) you can tuck in some date-crusted Australian lamb with mango-coconut chutney, duck confit with roasted fennel, winter squash, and pearl onion risotto with truffle essence, slow-braised Ontario venison shank with northern white bean-leek cassoulet, porcini mushroom demi and shaved black truffle or miso-maple black cod with soba seaweed salad and shimeji mushroom tempura. Delicious as these treats may sound, we do hope you realize the impending doom of a killer workout or risk the increase in waistline!


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