Discus shaped futuristic underwater Hotel to come up in Dubai

Dubai is the destination for architectural wonders. From the Burj Khalifa to the man-made islands dubbed Earth, Dubai’s landscape is home to some of the most unbelievable man-made creations. The latest architectural wonder to call Dubai its home is none other than a half-submerged hotel, complete with underwater rooms offering views of life below the surface of the sea. Christened the ‘Water Discus Hotel,’ this spaceship-shaped building is the first of several planned across the region. Designed by Deep Ocean Technology (DOT), this hotel will surely please the so-called “water baby’s” who love exploring the depths of the deep blue sea.

The hotel will comprise of two main discs, one above water and one below. These two discs will be connected by three ‘legs’ that contain lifts and stairways to plunge guests from the sunshine above down beneath the sea’s surface. The underwater section is located up to 10 meters deep and comprises 21 rooms adjacent to the submerged dive center and a bar. Offering a view like no other, the designers will use special lighting to illuminate flora and fauna outside. What is more, guests will also be able to zoom in and take a closer look at even the tiniest creatures using macro photography. What is more, the hotel will be built to the highest safety standards. The top disc is built high enough to withstand a tsunami and any flooding, while the underwater disc automatically surfaces at once in the event of any danger.
While this is not the first hotel in the world to offer underwater rooms, it will still break quite a few records when it is ready.
Update –
CNN reports that the space-age hotel is also set to be built on the remote tropical island of Kuredhivaru in the Maldive Islands. The National Ministry of Tourism has recently given a green signal to the ambitious plan.


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