“Dot.Com Detox package” – the next new thing in luxury hotels to keep you away from your gadgets

Our lives now a days are controlled by gadgets and electronics. We cannot seem to function without them. Every where we go we feel the need to be connected to the outside world. Myhotels Bloomsbury has partnered with Planet Organic and Phi harmonics, which is a company that manufactures energyDOTs to offer a Dot.Com Detox package. This package ensures that you have a good sleep and also promises to eliminate electro pollution and recharge personal energy reserves. An energyDOT is a small ultra thin disc, programmed to retune or harmonise the effects of radiation to keep your body balanced and healthy.

People who are extremely dependent on their gadgets can also get a package to combat the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies. This would include an overnight stay, Phi harmonic’s bioTAG and electroDot, a green juice voucher from Planet Organic and a YMCA gym pass.

dot-com-detox-2The bioTAG is to be worn at all times and can be attached to whatever you are wearing. It helps to restore and rebalance energy levels for improved vitality , where as the electrDOT helps to relieve electrostress that is triggered by electromagnetic frequencies. It even harmonises radiation from mobile phones and other electronic devices.

dot-com-detox-3If you want to give this a try and cut yourself away from all the modern gadgets to “detox” your body of these radiations, the Detox package at Myhotel Bloomsbury, including the boutique hotels in Chelsea and Brighton in UK is available from 1st to 28th February at a fixed rate of $180.

[Via – Pocket-Lint]