Drool over a complete chocolate room at Lithuania’s shopping mall

Valentine’s Day is best celebrated with chocolates, and the people at the Akropolis shopping mall, Lithuania sure have a strong sweet tooth! The mall treated its shoppers with a 17-square-metre casually modeled sitting room, decked from end to end in chocolate! Seven artists equipped with 300kgs of chocolate moulded the sweet temptation to create the room’s floor, ceiling, furniture and decoration items like candlesticks, pictures, books, teacups, utensils and plates even a white-chocolate cat all cozying lying on a dark chocolate chair.
Drool over more images……

The room will be on display till the 8th of March, and on the international women’s day, the chocolates will be distributed to the visitors. So that means, I got until the 8th of March to figure out where the mall is!

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