Dunton Hot Springs: A ski-resort town on rent for luxury holiday makers

For the billionaires and millionaires who are tired of the usual five-star ski resorts and hotels, now instead of whiling away your time brooding over the dull accommodations, you can rent yourself an entire town! Known as Dunton Hot Springs, this town located in a beautiful Colorado valley near Telluride promises to offer a unique experience for you and your friends. The town is a fully restored ghost town set in a beautiful Alpine locale near the Dolores River, which you cross to reach the resort. The resort town boasts a carefully crafted authentic setting and comprises 12 unique cabins surrounding the communal Saloon and Dance Hall. Each cabin is individually decorated and has been given a unique European flair.

This resort brims with services and amenities for the luxury holidaymaker, including heli-skiing, trout fishing, and rafting. Guests can tour the area by foot (hiking or snowshoeing), cross-country skiing, or horseback. The menu is unique, offering guests meals made from local ingredients like fresh mushrooms during summer gathered from the surrounding mountains and wines from the resort’s own vineyard, Sutcliffe Vineyards. Furthermore, as its name suggests, this town boasts of hot springs of the calcium bicarbonate type with iron, manganese, and lithium found in the waters. Guests can enjoy in the 19th-century Bathhouse, the Well House cabin, in two pools on the property, or under the stars at the source or on the river.
The entire resort town can accommodate 42 guests with rates varying from $10,000 to $17,500 a night depending on the season. Cabins may also be rented individually and vary in size some holding just 2 people and others 6 to 10 guests. The ideal town for a winter break with your group of friends or a family reunion, the Dunton Hot Springs is definitely amazing.

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