Latin American cities will soon have the most expensive hotel rooms

European destinations have been the choice of holiday for any traveller, be it backpacking through the countryside or living in some of the finest hotels around the world. If expensive is what you are looking at, we suggest you extend your vision beyond the Atlantic and onto Latin American cities. Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), a travel service provider, recently released their bi-annual survey and according to their analysis of the first half of 2012, Latin American cities have shown a steep rise in room rates. Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paolo have all shown 30%, 15%, and 23% rise in average room rates in the first half of 2012. Although Moscow still tops the list for most expensive rooms, the rate in increase of the room rates is a mere 3%.

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Moscow is followed by a Lagos, Nigeria. Considering the rate at which Latin American cities are increasing their rates, it won’t be long before one of these cities will be leading the list for the most expensive hotel rooms across the world.
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