Everland: One-Room Hotel

This brilliant hotel offers you all the peace and the musings of a fantastic luxurious hotel stay. Dressed in the radiant style of the 70s, the room has a turquoise-tiled bathroom, a record player (some vinyl discs included), and a great view of the Eiffel Tower. If you are an addict to the pleasures of the idiot box then you won’t be happy here since it doesn’t have television. It’s just one room so make sure that you have a reservation for it way in advance. The catch is that this room is placed on top of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. It is called the Everland Hotel and is designed by Swiss artists, Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann.

You can get the pleasures of living atop the Palais de Tokyo by booking this room for 333 Euros ($510) on weekdays and 444 Euros ($680) on weekends.