Fairmont Hotels &Resort introduce unique “Canine Ambassadors” service

With the amazing pet spas and resorts that have opened up, the guilt of leaving your dog behind while you are away is greatly reduced. Heck, with the amount of pampering your pet gets at these spas, you can be sure they will hardly even miss you or realize you were gone. Despite knowing that your dog is doing fine, owners can’t help but miss their four-legged buddies. Realizing this woe, the folks over at Fairmont Hotels &Resort are offering their guests a unique “Canine Ambassadors” facility at select establishments around the world. The one-of-a-kind scheme lets guests stay at the hotel have a pet dog accompany them regularly. The dog will join you for walks and various lobby based activities and games. The first Canine Ambassador was a Black Labrador called Morgan, who joined the team at The Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver back in 2002. Morgan has since retired.

The new team comprises of dogs like Zeus, a handsome Chocolate Labrador who resides at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa in California, Smudge a Golden Labrador Retriever residing at The Fairmont Algonquin in New Brunswick, Canada, and Volga and Lucia, also Golden Retrievers who enjoy the run of the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club in Kenya.
What is more, if you get attached to these doggies, you can always stay in touch and keep track of your new-found canine buddies via the hotel’s email service. Heck, you might even find some of the dogs listed on social networking sites.

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