Fairmont Hotels & Resorts eliminate shark fin from menus as a green initiative

Fairmont Group of hotels has been running Fairmont’s Green Partnership program for more than 20 years to minimize the impact of hotel operations on the environment. As a part of the program, the hotel chain has announced that it has formally removed shark fin from all of its hotel menus in Asia. The luxury hotel brand’s Sustainable Seafood initiative entails that the shark fin is removed from Fairmont’s hotels in Asia- Fairmont Singapore, Fairmont Beijing, Fairmont Yangcheng Lake, and the iconic Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai. However, the hotel will continue to highlight alternative options on its menus and seek ways to educate guests on sustainable food choices that help conserve marine resources. Surprisingly, the new move has been greeted with a lot of support from customers and guests of the hotel.

The Chinese Chefs at Fairmont use alternatives like lobster, crab, and scallops which are a flavorful substitute to the rather plain tasting shark fin, which were retained in the hotel menu due to deep cultural and traditional significance.

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