Fig & Olive Downtown…gastronomes abode!

This piece of information is lip-smacking and will satisfy all your gastronomic desires. We are talking about Fig & Olive Downtown which happens to be the next big eating place in New York. it offers Mediterranean cuisine that can be enjoyed in the 5,000 square foot dining room, which features a formal dining section (i wudnt mind that either) an 18 foot marble tasting bar, a cafe (thats more like it) and will launch next month. The connioseurs of good food and oils can have the time of their life here as can purchase bottles in the restaurant’s retail shop, which also sells tapenade, jams and spreads from around the world.

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To give you an idea of how delectable it can get we thought of naming a few popular dishes which feature on their menu’ the Zesty Salmon (zesty?hope it doesnt jump out of the plate) and shrimp salad marinated in citrus fruits and moulin baussy olive oil”, and ”grilled lamb on rosemary skewers with bell peppers and jumbo crabmeat ricotta croquette, served with a papaya cilantro tomato salad. The list is endless and hold that slobbering guys! You now know where to take your spouse out for that dinner she has been looking forward to.

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